Spiced Apples + Peaches Wax Melt

Spiced Apples + Peaches Wax Melt

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13084 is a lingering aroma of spiced apples, a hint of vanilla, and my secret ingredient, sweet peaches (not so secret anymore) mingle together in our family's favorite apple pie. Break one or two blocks and place them into a wax warmer to relieve your stress, and ease your mind as you lay down.

Top Notes: Fresh Apples, Cinnamon
Heart Notes: Sweet Peaches
Base Notes: Cloves, Spice, Vanilla

Made in Newark, NJ with coconut blend wax and premium fragrance oil blends. We proudly create natural wax melts that are cruelty-free, and phthalate-free. 

Net Wt. 2.5 oz

Directions: Break one or two blocks and place them into a wax warmer and enjoy for hours.  Allow wax melts to fully cool before removing from the wax warmer. 

Wax Melt Safety:

-Store your wax melts in a cool, dark and dry place.

-Use for a maximum of 4 hours for each use.

-Never leave wax melts unattended especially around children, pets and drafts.

-Allow the wax warmer to fully cool before handling. 

-When the wax level is 1/4 inch, please discontinue use. Failure to do so, can be dangerous resulting in overheating.

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Plucking the perfect apples from an  apple orchard on a brisk fall day is a tradition. Compiling all known and researched apple recipes to make a delectable sweet treat filled with a warmth and sweetness of apples, peaches and creamy vanilla.