Our Story

We're an everyday luxury home fragrance brand curating artisan-made candles, wax melts, and room sprays.

Cali Meets NYC is inspired by how I met the love of my life. When we met I lived in the Bay Area of Cali and he lived in NYC, Queens to be exact. This is a love letter through fragrance for both cities and some places in between.

Sometimes great things are built out of necessity. While anxiety ridden, a childhood hobby of candle making became a coping mechanism. Well quite a few things have changed since back then. Together with research and an entrepreneurial spirit, I started relearning and perfecting this beloved trade.

Self-preservation starts from within. Through aromatherapy our goal is not only scent your home but make it your go-to sanctuary.

our mission

We believe self-care is the best care.

We know that sometimes it can be hard to relax these days. Often times the work week is filled with anxiety and coffee is driving it, and all the days just seem like they're blurring together.

Trust us, we've been there too. Sometimes, taking a little time out of your day is all you need.

We believe in quality

All our candles are made with a luxury coconut soy wax with a cotton wick creating clean-burning candles. This premium blend has exceptional adhesion for container candles and makes the perfect base for our complex fragrance blends. 

how we name our candles


Affectionately known as the zip-code candles. Whether it's Cali, New York or some place in between each candle is named after a zip code that holds a story of a special place in our hearts.