Grapefruit + Honeysuckle Room + Linen Spray

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A delicate blend of freesia and honeysuckle florals paired with a squeeze of grapefruit for an instant mood-boosting scent. Rounded with a base of liquid sugar to balance out the citrus notes.

Top Notes: Grapefruit, Honeysuckle, Orange, Green, Lemon
Heart Notes: Muguet (Lily of the Valley), Freesia
Base Notes: Liquid Sugar

Made in Lake Worth, FL, we wonderfully craft our room and linen sprays in a premium clear glass bottle with a gold spray nozzle. Our room and linen sprays are made with an alcohol base and ethically sourced fragrance oil to ensure a long-lasting scent. We proudly create natural sprays that are cruelty-free and phthalate-free.

*PLEASE NOTE: The room spray has a yellow tint and has no impact on the use of the room spray.

Our Room + Linen Sprays features elegant straight sided clear glass bottles with a gold fine-mist spray nozzle. It arrives in a soft cream colored jersey branded bag suited to reuse for traveling with small accessories or jewelry. Picture-perfect nestled next to your favorite coffee table books, or sitting next to your most delectable succulent on along your mantle or side table.

Diameter: 2 in
Height: 6 in
Net Wt: 7.4 oz

Soothing yet distinct lavender-scented candle, with grassy vetiver notes, a hint of sweet ylang-ylang, and a splash of creamy vanilla. It's a whole vibe as if you have been driving by lavender fields in Sonoma.

Tobacco + Vanilla lingers with mystery as a base of creamy tonka bean, vanilla and cocoa dance with a smoky tobacco. Spritz into the center of your room to create a sultry mood in your bedroom.

Cotton Blossom + Sandalwood is a crisp and clean bouquet of cotton blossom and hibiscus.

Palo Santo known for its cleansing and healing abilities this candle is complex and filled with a soothing blend of Moroccan cedarwood, spiced rum, and vetiver rounded by layers of tonka bean and warm milk.

An unexpected blend of leather bond books, patchouli, vanilla layered with peony, and peach. It makes you feel like a well-traveled enthusiast. 


The bright notes of grapefruit blend harmoniously with the delicate sweetness of honeysuckle, creating a refreshing experience that energizes your mind and lifts your spirits. It's like a burst of sunshine, ensuring you feel fully awake and ready to take on the day with a zestful attitude.


Strolling through the enchanting Old Westbury Gardens, hand in hand with my love, capturing moments that will last a lifetime. The lush greenery, the romantic architecture, and the timeless beauty of the gardens created the perfect backdrop for our engagement photos. Every step is filled with joy, laughter, and anticipation, as we create memories that reflect the depth of our love.